Pari Passu

Running, on the run, dashing, sprinting faster than lightening bolts,
Possessed by the electricity of desire, pulsating through me like 10,000 volts,
My dizzying thoughts erect me,
Your carnal cookies direct me,
I live in black holes, stretched out across the empty spaces in the corners of my mind,
My essence, my purpose, my meaning - anything about myself I'm unable to find,
My sweet puppy whimpers lose their way, absorbed into sponges soaked in unfulfilled wishes,
Life is a special restaurant: too expensive, blank menus, invisible appetizers, disappearing dishes,
This is the ignored food chain, we eat here daily, daily it eats away at our ticker,
As if time is so precious, vanishing forever like a dying light bulb's final flicker,
Can't pay attention to time, I'm constantly struggling to keep up with the present,
Surrounded by majesty, pissing my life away like an oblivious peasant,
How I treat the space I occupy is criminal,
The faith I have in any and everything is minimal,
I curse the heavens, a devilish god laughs in response,
A godly devil comforts me, suicide to kill my chokehold wants...

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