Every day I pray for a sign, for something to let me know I can resolve this confliction,
For a little bit of extra strength, for on my own I can't defeat this addiction,
I'm a solitary ant, I whisper tales of perfection to the deaf air molecules,
In love with a soft morbidity, albeit for thick obsessions this always fuels,
A heartbroken heartbreaker,
I'm salt in the wound, looking for my pepper shaker,
Unwanted desire stalks me,
Only my imagination rocks me,
The killer in me is killing me,
The tears inside keep filling me,
Preoccupied with all furthest away from holy,
If life was a soccer game, I'm the opposing team and the goalie
One a day keeps the doctor away, out of reach is the largest apple,
Only in my eyes, made from the best stuff on earth like a snapple,
My brain enjoys torturing me, it turns on me and turns me on,
All while my motherboard overheating until it burns me gone,
It's not photoshopped, I really am that twisted,
In the rebel army against myself I've enlisted,
A volatile mixture of ancient and future cultures,
Picking away at me is the clockwork of societal vultures,
The lost emotions, all the tension in my heart is backed up,
I care about no one, ready to leave I'm always packed up,
There is one achievement in life worth mentioning - only one,
Convince yourself you somehow matter, and in this sadistic game you've won...

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