We don't care about each other, and that's okay,
But maybe you can relate, maybe you feel the same way,
The frosty night feels good as I jog along my gated community streets,
The city lights twinkle in the distance offering a rare provision of treats,
It was a long day, doesn't matter - we know this is the only time to escape,
Seeing the pointlessness of it all is part of me, like stickiness is to tape,
The motions, going through all the motions, I wonder how necessary it is,
Wasted time thinking about this, concluded so meaningless yet necessary it is,
The things I want the most, desire the most - I'm the most afraid of...
Afraid after all the work and longing and waiting - I will be let down,
Afraid that with it... - probably never - always in a little, faraway, distant town,
The internet shows me all that is out there, shows me all that I can't have,
Pain forces me to reflect - if only my rapacious desire I could somehow halve,
I care not about materials, I am controlled by satyriasis, by saturnalian obsessions,
In the realm of sexual morals, my cravings are the most delicious of transgressions,
Websites are my bible, lusting is my prayer, the point of my pathetic life - to search forever for that sensation,
How many times do I think of these things? - uncountable, one continuous, unbroken concatenation,
That jog happened years ago, those twinkling lights twinkle no more,
I can't escape now, this is what I am, this is what has always been in store...

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