The Scary Halloween Mask

Over the words I stumble, blibbitty blobbitty I mumble,
Used to think I was something, now it's conservative to label me humble,
Used to be conceited, like hey I'm smarter than you,
Reality check, only the emptiness absorbs what I spew,
Yea I know that now, yet already gripped - locked in the first impression,
No reversing it, matters not whether I sit like a baby or stand like a concession,
I'm the jailed and the jailor, I'm the white trash and the trailer,
I'm the alarm clock, I'm the person throwing it against the wall,
I'm the apple suicider, I'm the operator waiting for my call,
I'm both the nothing and the everything - but in the end - I'm the nothing only,
Eventually, we're all the nothings only,
The steps we take, even together, feel so lonely...

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