The Festival

Hi, lets get right into it...
Scenario: Saturday night, no friends, alone, realizing things I don't want to realize,
Feeling: 1/2 hopeless, 1/4 upset, 1/8 in need of drugs, 1/8 unwise,
I'm blocking the future out, wouldn't see much anyways considering how dim it looks,
Blocking the future out, only spoons, lighters and heroin are needed for the greatest of cooks,
I don't know how to function on my own, I'm scared, tears only scratch the surface,
I used to feel so smart, so in touch with a bright future - now I wander with no purpose,
The stresses I face will not benefit me, the type of stress that simply breaks you down piece by piece,
Slipping bare footed down a razor bladed path of destruction, I beg it to stop - it refuses to cease,
The pathetic craigslister, the my entire existence is one festering blister,
The brag to your friends you kissed her, she's gone and you never missed her,
The outside of me it's a calm day, the inside of me it's a twister,
I'm a mess, only to my poetry I confess,
Signals for help I'm in distress, brain can't focus - I digress,
Boiling more, letting steam out less,
Each day, a new abscess,
Breathe... ...
Escape for a brief instant, ignore the torment,
Leave your mind, leave from where the downpour went,
Stare into space,
You're not like me now, I can see it in your face,
I can see it in the steps you try to retrace,
I can see your god, your facade, the life you try to replace...

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