Lickety Split

Wrist slitters, baby sitters, lives lived out through two sentence twitters,
Hair splitters, give up on it quitters, caffeine or coke induced jitters,
Dreamers, bedroom screamers, making way through psychological streamers,
Mercedes and beamers, blinging gleamers, twinkies in fryers or carrots in steamers,
Reflection sparkle,
Life luck of the roll in farkle,
Beer drinkers, the abstaining from thought closet thinkers,
Sexy slut winkers, existences changing lanes without blinkers,
You're all of these, healthy lungs and the ones that wheeze,
The nit picky eyebrow tweeze, the what the hell just happened body freeze,
Ankle deep in the kink, blabber it out to the shrink,
Blah blah on the brink, living in cardboard homes swathed in mink,
The wealthy crude, the drive too fast rude,
The sup brah dude, the fuck 'em all attitude,
Under the foot stompers, the waste of space rompers,
Inside the juicy meat chompers, the 18 year old free meal compers,
Nervous ticks, chasing sticks, humans are beautiful candles missing the wicks,
Bad breath licks, friendship tricks, the I save .05 seconds by using the abbreviation 'pix,'
Pictures, drooping light fixtures,
Poisonous beverage mixers, the forget it all elixirs,
The daily motions, the petty commotions,
The sought after promotions, dumpsters and oceans,
The about to kick the bucket oldies,
The coldest of the cold hearted coldies,
The into reverie slippers, the over minute detail trippers,
The self mutilating back whippers, the get a hold of life grippers,
The make ends meeters, the time keeping parking meters,
The totter teeters, the unholy myth defeaters,
The ones that were, that are, that will be,
The tides deliver us, and drag us back to sea...

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