The answers to life can only be discovered in proportion to one's ability to distract oneself from contemplating the answers to life...
The drug addicts understand this, the reckless all see this, every person unwilling to sit there and absorb an insurmountable amount of strife...
Sees this.
Everyone who destroys their bodies, destroys their minds, destroys their existence,
My empathy aligns with the mentally exhausted, the under appreciated, the defeated despite persistence,
As the time dwindles, as the seconds add to the decades, as the facts of what's to come presents itself clearer and clearer,
As we figure out how to fit into society, how to survive in society, the passing of time never forgets us, drawing nearer and nearer,
There are no correct actions, no correct reactions, everything is an attempt at an educated guess,
I don't know how to define weakness, but I feel it flourishing within me, a soiree of despondency and distress,
Is there any way to give up besides suicide? Can I still live yet feel like I've given up?
There are no roads, no maps, no directions - only a vast plane with a steepness that can't be driven up,
We let the words comfort us, the words we give meaning to,
The words that surround us all - yet only protect a few,
A storm comes, bringing with it no rain, snow, wind, lightning or thunder,
It destroys not property, kills not people - in its course devastating wonder,
I'm dull: a coping method - everything we do is in the name of coping,
Saints or sinners, all scratching their way up paths eternally downward sloping,
I'm the same, I'm next to you, I've exhausted so many distractions,
I'm a zombie - lungs lose motivation, takes more and more effort to elicit the contractions,
Dreams bathe in the sewer of my heart, hope glistens staring into the sun,
We're as simple as binary code - in death we are zero, in life one...

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