Dream Killer

the majority of people are extremely flawed,

indicative of a sub-par, sadistic, deceiving god,

everyone puts so much effort into being unique,

the way we wear clothes, the way we interact and speak,

and each 24 hour period repeats, 98% of yesterday overlaps today,

we age, never differentiating ourselves, vivid colors turn gray,

we are here to use each other up.

the leechers grow, the leeched become sucked bone dry,

only upon yourself, and rarely then, can you ever rely,

i'm no exception, the same as each identical idiot out there,

brain-dead zombies cavorting around, believing they have heaps of intelligence to spare,

the world doesn't need us, sugared up babies psychotically saccadic,

turn into pre-pubescent, fattened, oblivious kids addicted to anything counter-culture or erotic,

blossom into promiscuous, texting, myspace, chemically pimple facebook non-reading whores,

grow old with saggy skin, baggy eyes, joke of a paycheck for getting shoved daily on all fours,

we live this life, jealous of anyone lucky enough to escape,

we've lost hope, against barriers we no longer struggle, kick and scrape,

and i'm no different, in that same boat, traveling within that same stationary circle,

the sparkle diminishes, the harsh uncertainties build, the mundane certainties thicken,

a place where everything is backwards, where any distraction reigns, where we live through fictitious characters,

to live is to play your part, a part anyone can play upon your cancer-ridden departure,

god gives no answers, not because we can't comprehend them, not because it works in mysterious ways,

god gives no answers because even legitimate, simple questions are impossible to answer if the answerer does not exist.


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