The 3rd Person Perspective

lack class,

buffoon jackass,

computer screen starer,

life and death comparer,

on my own potential shitter,

friendless guy not on twitter,

next door neighbor finding the joylessness in each day,

the rotten apple route while others take the fuzzy peach way,

cant be here like the sugar in diet coke,

existence fading away like a quiet joke,

the single sentence that no one rhymes with,

not good enough like athletes placing in fifth,

fake tough guy like flower tattoos on inner thighs,

professional lamenter doesnt mess with beginner cries,

oxymoronic badass cold water drinker,

aimed at fat girls greasily smooth eye winker,

dying the punishment from a hateful god believer,

involuntary brain malfunctions and a 105 degree fever,

in me trace amounts of another planet like high fructose corn syrup,

life like a drunk, steroid-shooting, tank-top wearing, fraternity member approaching you only to slur, 'sup.'

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