My Good Friend

Everyone wants friends,

They're so hard to find,

At the prospect of a new friend,

I get excited,

Then I get let down,

They let me down,

My fault for believing things could be any different,

Apparently I don't learn,

All acquaintances because they come and go,

All of them always come and inevitably go,

What's the purpose, knowing they will go?

Knowing they will go is the arsenic on my favorite food,

How do I live in the moment knowing its imminent end is near?

The end brings pain, erases, cancels out the beginning and the middle,

Everyone believes they are good friends to others,

Most are not,

Most are a waste of god's supposed talent,

People are ticking time-bomb letdowns,

People arouse the possibility of what will probably never be,

People are facades for the quixotic,

I'm disgusted with myself for considering the prospect of friendship,

I'm disgusted with myself for being so disgustedly hopeful for my own fairytale,

For a true friend, for anyone to abate this loneliness.

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