In Devout Memory 5/12/09

Dear Connie,

Today you passed away - no, no euphemisms, today you died,

At 34, deteriorating, helplessly bed-bound - upon tubes and machines you relied,

Our relationship of long distance, you embodied a pure devotion - poorly did I reciprocate,

Understatedly unfair life, unjustifiably spat upon her - yet through all this she'd grip no hate,

She loved, I felt it thousands of miles away - what could have been now permanently never was,

Everything filled with new meaning, through your garden of images I now wander because...

Connie, the suffering was no match to your positivity, your teachings put my life into perspective,

Part of my heart follows you to the grave, all friendships you nutured - never turning away, never selective,

Nightly, before dinner my family joins hands and prayers are spoken,

I've always remained silent during this time, concurrent with a last pulse - inside me a sadness was woken,

And palms connected, I told my loved ones about you - drops falling atop my salmon fillet,

Heads bowed, I cried - and all of us, in unison, we would all pray,

The brain lacks a capacity to understand what has happened, what the process of your death entails,

The gods must repent - at a flawed design, at the way it goes, at how apparent perfection so miserably fails,

Instead of are, you now were,

I can only imagine the pain, desolation, desperation - ceased, the hope for a cure,

My memory - your new home. I will carry on what I have learned,

I will never forget you - the chapter has ended, but I refuse to let the page be turned...

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