I'm Sorry Max

eyeballs defecate in my spittle,

constant sadness the bland riddle,

massive amounts of money solve problems,

status the same as poor pissed on slob bums,

cry a little bit, the world cares not,

life barfs, all around me evil stares i spot,

pressure in my brain, broke the barometer,

my fatigue, the mercury in a thermometer,

the forearm holds my head like a pedestal,

my problems ignored by the field of medical,

i break down, no one minds,

a 2D drawing, sketched broken lines,

sick of here, sick of knowing everywhere else the same,

snippets of happiness, captured inside the picture frame,


every goddamn day, by life constantly accosted,

hate self,

fate dusty on the clearance shelf,

clunkers in a world dominated by the rolls-royce,

tomorrow will be no different, surely this is not a choice...

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