i'll masturbate if i want to, you don't understand such things,

better than downing a few redbulls, gives my gray matter wings,

i sit back and remember, marina, college, high school and raj,

shoot up with computer images, ten times more ameliorating than a swedish massage,

abnormally abnormal, feel abnormally normal on a whim,

feel pain when its missing, desires act like a phantom limb,

conflict out of two non-entities, pit santa clause against the tooth fairy,

mock meat, i taste only as good as your seasoned vocabulary,

toothpicks create tents over my eyes, against healthy sleep patterns i defend,

feel what my ipod tells me, like most electronics - none of this i comprehend,

calculate numbers, the statistics, the chances, the yearnings,

you can read my arms like braille, documented like etched burnings,

i dream about what i don't have, dream about flirting with flirting,

radio waves, brain waves, ocean waves, dreams disconcerting...

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