relationships not easy to come by, opposite of a bad attitude,

good for you like vitamins, like vegetables, like expressing gratitude,

im drained from nothing, dramatic like juicy betrayal,

dust particles float in my brain, rationality they assail,

banging head on furniture, kicking light fixtures,

licking door mats, snorting solidified draino mixtures,

unfulfilling masturbation, stroke it to the heavenly cyber titties,

masks the depression, stronger than the influence of great cities,

justifications for what i do - nothing but fishy,

kill it with booby flesh, think of just how soft and squishy,

in discontent, im soaked and lathered,

saturated, like in the scope of nothingness ive gathered,

emotionally flat-lined, finish at the pepperdine graduate gym,

grimy, goodnight god, grant goodness, given grasping grim...

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