I'm A Believer

I'm A Believer

i want to believe in fairy tales, anything about creationism is a fave,

where i go and whom i meet, confined alone in my own enclave,

better for the idea of god if the goddamned thing didn't exist,

living in a horror film, where the belief in it is the innovative plot twist,

whether religion has done more good or bad - an unanswerable dispute,

taught to definitely believe the most improbable of what could never be deemed an absolute,

unnecessarily boosts our already inflated hubris, from birth implanted convictions,

if it feels good it's truth, people believe this in the face of innumerable contradictions,

as if it's repeated from early childhood, as if it makes us a little more special than we actually are,

as if all friends and loved ones go to heaven, as if heaven exists and really isn't that far...

...away from reality, feeding every possible unconscious desire,

creativity gone mad, a scientific view of the 'afterlife' can make you an outlier,

difficult to respect this, a canvas of weakly informed knowings,

life a movie, earth the movie theater - only don't count on multiple showings.

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