Biblical Interpretations

Biblical Interpretations

bored, killing the time that abuses me,

sad, morbid christian-like murder spree,

swim around in swirls, sprinkle the sprinkles,

every time i blink - another star in the sky twinkles,

ingest barnacles, crack my neck like eggs,

eat air in one gulp, french fried barbecued chicken legs,

decided to write this, non-random words fill the void,

hair on desk, greased triangles caress the self-employed,

girls stacked like parking garages, eyes locked and ready,

ill fuck you through the computer screen, cock stiff and steady,

wearing out the music i love, nom de gurre the wolf of sheep,

stupid lonely bastard, in the back of your daughter's classroom i creep,

sphincter the same texture as my throat, video game non-addicted,

write the chapters in my life, free-will an art of masking the scripted,

ionize the air, 25% off dreams - compliments of my knowings,

rubbing the twigs of marginality, life the same movie - 37,000 showings,

failure bleeds out my ears, the bones in there drown daily,

laughter hangs from a noose, suicidal, but presented gaily,

walk straight lines, sober like a baby's passing,

thoughts weigh me down, unpreventable sadness amassing,

fork in the road because i stabbed it, i broke the road into pieces,

reach out only to grasp thin air, iron my forehead, flatten the creases,

fenced in, thrust my penis through the chain links,

im a liar when i say: fuck what everyone else thinks...

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