have energy, like a blown stereo speaker,

vagina on fire, penis a missile - a heat seeker,

inhale the beautiful, lips wrap around cigarettes,

purchase love on credit, be led to bigger debts,

which fades first? the mind, soul or physical? all grow frail,

death surrounds us, blind to it? bumps everywhere like braille,

document your worth - no one cares except the digital video,

the life taker, the most unstoppably crushing, witty foe,

existence passes like the date on calendars, can't get it back,

hi god, why do this to us? where's a break? where's the slack?

that last line, was apparently speaking to myself,

exacto knives dangling, swaying under the bathroom shelf,

the march continues, in perfect form towards obliteration,

eternal exits etched everywhere, no comfort in my alliteration,

so much can be done, amazingly affects so little,

each life holds the value of about - one skittle...

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