Pituitary Gland

tired blah blah blah, grin like a bell-curve,

do something with my life, if i only had the nerve,

self-esteem m.i.a., got sick of the daily body slams,

poop on my future, i didn't even apply to those ph.d programs,

yeah, should probably thank mom and dad for helping with that,

still won't get in, end up working at the local laundry mat,

a disappointment, a disgrace,

like somebody, get me the fuck outta this place,

i film myself, the guy in napoleon dynamite,

ability - sure, yet still never do it right,

up and down my body piranhas lick,

listening to the same ol' shitty music,

my life skateboarding, take it too seriously,

like that's it, contemplate reality too deliriously,

drizzly inside,

dead outside,

take me home, to that place i can't remember,

happiness - life can so willingly dismember,

my existence unnecessary, needless like yours,

beaten down, aimlessly walking around on all fours,

can hold off the inevitable grime, for a few more months or so,

my writings change nominally, life a sink drain with poor flow,

hold my heart, it melts through your hands,

un-homeostasis, shit on pituitary glands,


curled in a ball, curled in the fetal position,

gripping my knees, withering away by my own volition.

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