Curtis Anserina

computer my only friend, never felt more alone,

as emotionally dependent as me? - only my clone,

and that's the simple truth, like how my dermis itches with depression,

so easy to ball my eyes out - no interest in exercise, film or an electrifying skate session,

can't cry to mom and dad, already in debt a 1,000 thank yous,

already drained, owe more than i can give, brain malfunction old news,

so sad, so alone, so physically alone, psychologically alone and feel so dead here,

that's the nutshell, a tree falling in the forest, and for miles no one around to hear,

dread trying to fall asleep, dread waking up, most of all dread the hours in between,

given up on trying to find a life partner, just someone who'll read this and know what i mean,

the same story, i can repeat this over and over and over and over again,

- all to myself, already half gone, once the other half goes - what then?

nothing, silence similar to what i'm experiencing in the present,

nothing, silence similar to the burial of a destitute peasant,

nothing, silence similar to the noise that emanates from tears rolling down my cheek,

nothing, silence similar to how the strong and popular view the unpopular and weak,

nothing, silence similar to those who have professed to care,

nothing, silence similar to the conversations between follicles of my hair,

nothing, silence similar to...


like the imaginary blood that squirts from my imaginary slit wrist,

like the ghosts that choose to remain unnoticed,

like the next few sentences i don't write,

like the love swirling in my apartment tonight,


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