crammed into one for your convenience: balloon-popper, event-downer and milk-spiller,

dramatic violence enjoyed, tucked away in the brain a time-bomb serial-killer,

don't worry though, this particular cat never really wanted a mouse,

possibly flawed my mind, god forgot to install the haunted house,

i'll give this one a good title, so you won't have completely wasted your half of a minute,

life: trying to get through this thing, amongst everyone trying to win it,

backbone comprised of blurry stereotypes, i'd rather love than have you screw me,

snicker if you understood the double entendre, better yet: make me a new nuby,

not what this is, a pleasant image like two old friends fishing,

where are my old friends? to understand this i'm understandably not wishing,

why can't my credit card fix this? always thought it to be a back pocket macgyver,

about picking up normal people: i'm the new graveyard shift taxi cab driver,

i see you as you see me: one in an endless pasture of lifeless faces,

lastly, to save your precious time: nepenthe - the sorrow and pain it erases.

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