Weaves Of Lonliness

the love of my life - into the sunset we playfully frolic,

i forgot to introduce myself - max, and i'm a dreamaholic,

reality doesn't make sense, like an ocean's dry heaves,

let opportunities pass, let them die like fire-burnt leaves...

drift away, she's lovingly round like a friendship bracelet,

surprise me - like waking up, realizing time and space quit,

fill the minutes with missed paths, waiting to say, 'i can't believe that just happened,'

stop - already know it's ridiculous, like telling an inanimate object it's somehow sinned...

energy to release, like when the weather speaks monsoon,

fizzles out by bedtime, only in my thoughts can i make her swoon,

now, like in the end, simply and coldly alone,

things can change - sure - but not likely history has shown...

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