And That's Only A Sliver

images of you, constantly falling from the balcony of his mind,

savior, keeps a healthy distance between him and the daily grind,

zenith of the psychologically melodious, like radiohead's the bends,

you eliminate, the lonely nostalgia born by watching re-runs of friends,

a future with you, love stories in the making he is unashamed to repeatedly retell,

such a devastatingly beautiful effect, left by his reverie-inducing, hypnotic bombshell,

so strong the impact, in a war of connection not sure if he was drafted or willingly enlisted,

either way, and to think - his greatest of desires was once questioned -  cautiously resisted,

consumes hearts in unbelievable portions,

for this wonderland princess, effortlessly, eradicates life's most unpleasant distortions...  

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