Confesses Slipped (My H.H.)

Ahhhhhhhh, how night flights open the realm of possibilities.

From above - the cityscape, the different colored runway signals - you can't help but feel everything is just fine,

Reminds me - whittier housed some of my best days - in the future i'll surely think the same about pepperdine,

Wonder what to do, desperately try to recreate some of those heartfelt laughs,

Ah, you remember those, like imagining alternate endings through time-captured photographs,

And thus only the good times stick out, and thus why all the hurt willingly, uncontrollably recesses,

Our relationship was a big, fun-filled food fight, yet i can't seem to remember any of the messes,

Have to tell myself this isn't a movie - no going back and editing the script,

(Your music is playing) i smile a sad smile, didn't realize my heart and just how deep into it you dipped.

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