Laugh Like Hell

'welp,' you still read these, simply another product of my many creations,

cyber-friends, with no hope of ever seeing physical manifestations,

have to laugh like hell, feel like it but we'll skip the profanity,

count pals on zero hands, lost ya yet still grasp my own sanity!

called out the spade for what it is: a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty fuck fest,

you say i lie, unfortunately that makes sense like cheating on the rorschach test,

should start smokin' pot, for some reason people accept you for that alone,

gotta laugh like hell, out of stupidity's shell most of you've never grown,

put downs, awww, but you make it so damn easy,

love? stop right there, spade: you just fuck oh so sleazy,

me, accuse?

apologize - but the words here i don't misuse,

the unique part wasn't you girl, just like the rest of those fish in the ocean,

belief in your ability to love? like that of a scientist's in any machine's perpetual motion.

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