Depreciating Outskirts

knocked down to a dirty sex buddy, ties for some reason i can't fully sever,

christ i really hate this bitch, dealt with her ignorance for what feels like forever,

pathetically resort to begging, reprimand myself for stooping to such foolish shit,

decent fuck though, just enough to continually camp on the fringe of her orbit,

bummer, now i can't even get that,

stoopid, as if i were preaching the world is flat,

half empty or half full? all i care about is breaking the cup,

damn, to think of it i don't even have a decent backup,

boy i was lonely before, but now...

phone broke, not like i text real people anyhow,

if you read this, chances are i'll never see you face to face,

words weak and wilted, i could disappear in your eyes - without a trace...

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