Thought Bubbles

You're superficially close, like diamonds on the hand of a gold digger,

Thought up was down, turns out it was left with fingers on a cold trigger,

This is about as deep as your heart, or the ink that gives life to a suicide note,

Over you like the birds speckle the sky, lost in this 10 second anecdote,

I'll steal a few more precious seconds, ones you'll blindly let escape,

I don't get it, like the peace felt gazing over a midnight, bucolic city scape,

Lost yet can't quite define the word, if I do exposed is its fragility,

Desire what I know unrealistic, emotion undermines my logical stability,

Protect the enemy from friendly fire, I save myself for you lover,

Go to grab you, grasp you - yet eternally, in my thought bubbles you hover...

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