Ha Ha Ha Ha

hardened, dark and hollow, like black knows kettles,

lifeless, detached and discarded, like plucked rose pedals,

we live, go through each boring daily motion,

we live, somehow the mundane soothes like lotion,

we live, through the routine, through the predictability,

we live, facades, faceless friends, fakes, vitamin-addict fragility,

so when do we die? how can we support equality when the life cycle is so unequal, so unfair, so biased?

why did he make it this way? how come god favors those with bank accounts the highest?

none of it makes sense, nothing makes sense except what i just said,

on love despair will trump, on hope reality shall crush, on logic religion must tread,

it's another night, surrounded by electronics to keep me company and occupied,

cut words and snorted them, bled them onto your smock until you cried,

my heart rate has a life of its own, each organ has a life of its own, dies on its own,

i'm blessed but you'd never know it, sounding like i'm in the pits based upon my voice and tone,

i hit the target with philosophical musings, you hit the target to satiate your shopping desires,

i look to gain the truth, you look to gain adipose debris for psychological forest fires,

i just discredited myself with braggadocian and narcissistic jewels, dead people credit it of the rarest wisdom,

i desire that ignorance, that gone-in-an-instant, where-did-it-go?, writhing, twizzler of intellectual freedom.

when i don't make cents you can bet i lost my job, when you don't make sense you can bet you're trying to speak,

when i see a fin the movie i watched just ended, when you see a fin it's shamu's from the 7th sequel, kids sensation, internet movie leak.  


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