Substituting Toilet Paper With Minutes And Hours


Substituting Toilet Paper With Minutes And Hours

hi, my name is max polasko, pushed around like baby strollers,

i hate doing things to aberrant doo doo, hits me like steamrollers,

crushed, think of the peanut brittle between your teeth, as you masticate,

sorry for myself, get the feeling that some how, this is what i perpetrate,

is there a way to connect? im unconnected,

chance of meeting Her? one out of the number of dead yet to be resurrected,

this isn't my night, amber wrong, i'd rather be stabbed,

some sort of freedom, from me, was just forcefully grabbed,

easier to speak in the third person, split like the fragments of sentences,

discontent contenting, much less work than rejuvenation and repentance is,

love exists, i will find love, exists as much as the objectivity of morality,

i buy vitamins, really i'm purchasing the tiniest sliver of immortality,

universally frightened of death, keep busy, keep hoping,

i keep setting here, words weak, sabotaged skills of coping,

facemybookspaceblogblahbarf, online message boards,

texting, web forums, what i detest is exactly what i'm moving towards,

and vice versa, normal possible excluding the parties, clubs and bars?

i'll find love, sure, attainable like reaching the stars...

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