I-10 Brewed Yearning

Gone forever, as in she's changed,

Only through memories, are we not estranged,

The spa, film, our paid-for apartment,

Locked eternally, trapped in my heart's glove compartment,

Need soothing, not enough are my Nubys,

Don't be fooled, compassionately my veins pump liquid rubies,

I feel old, emotion has a balding spot,

Burned by desire, by no choice they're scalding hot,

Only myself, will these words mesmerize,

Now trance-like, I experience the blindness behind her eyes,

Regardless of who you are, eventually we split like fission,

Separated, my past splattered with red from every would-be revision,

Those pictures I cherish, pleasure myself to a lover long deceased,

Do you still lurk? Known shackles contaminate all, with me until from life I'm released.

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