Don't Lisiten

I tell you I have a couple of friends, in reality that number is far fewer,

I tell you I'm still on the wrong track, 22 years and still looking for a detour,

I tell you...

I feel guilty, convincing her to change with the objects I would buy her,

Still stumbling for a special girl, searching for one that inspires mutual desire,

I act content and aloof, but inside a totally different mind state,

Hide it so well, I fool you with my speech, animate gestures and gait,

Over and over I fucked up, to the sky I looked up and asked: can I have my CPU rebooted?

No, so now I need more powerful distractions, scared of it all and the fear has transmuted,

Most are dead to this world, numb, pretending to wear the halo of Saturn,

I envy them. Regardless - watch - we all wear the same devil horned pattern.

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