Personal Lubricant

Pleasure myself, to the thoughts of distant vacations,

Finding myself, unable to escape from adverse situations,

Desire the undesirable, yet just as difficult to attain,

Get neither, perished my psychological crop of sugarcane,

Branded with what I don't have, it represses the battle,

Afloat in a lake of sadness, no positive thoughts with which to paddle,

Take in the advice, repeated the same stale hints,

Wasting life, let it pass opposed to my cognitive ailments,

I don't quote scripture, nor the lyrics to an unconscientious, mind-numbing mainstream song,

Depressed via observation, amazingly rewriting the laws of right and wrong,

I pass time doing nothing, the same as those who pray and worship,

Slaughtered by concerning ourselves with fashion, the latest trends and whats more hip,

Through every intersection traveled, assume we're granted indefinite U-turns,

Not true, we all know this - yet no one ever really learns.

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