The Hurtful Imagination

she walks not noticing me, in tight spandex volleyball shorts,

i can't help but want her, scapegoat the media for all that distorts,

with confidence she knows her beauty, long straight flowing brown hair,

intelligent she knows how to catch me, release the hook and toss back to despair,

supple, taking care of the many biological gifts such parents gave to her,

i sit taking time to fantasize, any male in a fifty foot radius would surely concur,

she wants one of those LTRs, attitude that her looks make up for the lack in other guys,

she's an expert communicator, touches my hand for i'm shocked by the surprise,

sees how i'm different, not a hubristic beer-guzzling faux-personality air-headed muscle-driven punk,

others view it as weakness, she understands why i take pride in this should-be slam-dunk...

i snap out of it, look around to see that she's gone,

my skateboard and i, alone we ride off into darknesses' dawn.

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