thoughts run, niagara falls on a warm sunny day,

love is real, a chemotherapy patient's toupee,

life, death, all wrapped into one existential quandary,

2:30 am, overflowing with psychological laundry,

recycled emotions, girlfriend's headaches,

weight of the world, excruciating back breaks,

no bigger hope killer, than not feeling needed,

we all want to be someone, the desire deep seeded,

god errs, it created us in its image,

between heaven and hell, life is the line of scrimmage,

emotions reused, think of bottles and cans,

anxiety, powerfully common like lifespans,

love flows, like the water of a dried up river bed,

hearts are wicks, trapped and burned till dead,

each sunrise, think of oncoming headlights,

sweetly painful, think of jelly spread bug bites,

each day, the weight of a 1,000 trucks,

pain presents, everywhere an influx,

i'm tired now, the stress of fallen ancient civilizations,

i mean nothing, we mean nothing, wincing realizations,

no breaths of fresh air, pch connected to powerlines,

bitter and cold, sour like lemon lover 69s,

on planet earth, stranded,

together alone, two words candid,

time, the landfill of life keeps me sedated,

even wonderful thoughts, in the face of time ill-fated...

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