Dream Me

I hurt myself, mixing emotion with one-night stands,

Act like there’s a future with us, kissing, holding hands,

Differences extreme, oh how possibility can stretch so far,

Ends as fast as it began, nonetheless, it never leaves no scar,

I wish I could be truly cold, unaffected by emotion,

Constantly let down, always unreciprocated devotion,

Memories form quickly yet impossible to erase, my heart strained,

Ruminating over what never was, helpless to it – my love drained,

Alive but not, choosing open paths that lead to dead ends,

What could have been kills me – the bonding of best friends,

So quick to judge, accuse, misinterpret, close off and blame,

We lose direction, when the love we all really want – is exactly the same,

Packed into one day, what could have taken a year,

Before the blink of an eye, I watch all that could have been – disappear.

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