After 4 Years

When someone breaks up with you, it's the memories of the good times - that truly hurts the most,

So I remember, cry and regret - everyday, losing, trading us for nothing more than a ghost,

Always, no matter what, the other side beckons,

Solely I'm at fault, from the beginning 4 years back, and through the final seconds,

More than a foible, ability to appreciate only when it's gone,

And my friends support me? Sure, equivalent to that of a yawn,

No problem, I deserve it - caring for me? I prove to be a walking objection,

Sabotaging, although unintentionally, every attempt made at a viable, deep rooted connection,

Yes, and I've always acted in contrast, but now I admit - you deserve far greater than me,

Irreplaceable, yes I've always known - created like a one-of-a-kind, magical key,

Permanently locked, permanently dark - not even the slightest shadow casted,

I sit reliving the us, every wrong move I made - truncating what could have forever lasted,

So my heart crumbles from stone to sand, bleeds glass that scars my soul,

Can I fix myself? I hope, for the breath of my essence - this now swollen, loveless hole...

Don't worry, I punish myself far worse than a cut or a burn,

For us, praying to the empty sky, yes, for your eventual return...

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