What Happened?

What happened? So much can change so quickly,

I didn't realize it, for you - a connection painfully prickly,

Depressed - sure, but now no one cares so lets change the subject,

I say what I never meant, always relaying the incorrect,

Apologies - I tried but too late, didn't know I was too controlling,

Should have seen this, on your boundaries - relentlessly patrolling,

Torn, will I ever know what will truly make me elated?

I laugh and cry at myself, what to do - waiting numbly sedated,

No friends to comfort me, I pity myself to the bitter end,

Alone now, genuinely alone, Max be ready - forever this trend,

I cry but nothing matters, simply another ant in the ant farm,

Too cowardly to take my own life, thus I bathe in this magnificent harm,

A close connection, the greatest of difficulties for me to maintain,

Reason to live, feeble - myself, who I am, all I am - no reason to sustain...

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