Soon Things Will Change...

Here we all are, here I am – forks usher blood from my beaten path,

How? How are we going to figure this out, amidst the god’s wrath,

The big picture – it means all yet it means none,

Logistics, seems like nothing really works under this menacing, indifferent sun,

Even the best plans are meaningless without support, proper financial backing,

Oh what to do we ask ourselves, chasing tails whilst funds remain lacking,

Give me a suggestion, for tension is pulling us tighter apart,

Snap! Analogy for life: independence to car, dependence to go-kart,

Yes, this applies aptly to any facet of life, all need the wonders of money,

Without it I, her, roadkill in the hands of luck, a pathetic, helpless little bunny,

We scurry, hoping for something – anything – to lift us from the impending current,

Irony: miniscule control, yet acting otherwise, as if such moves make the current pending,

So we move, I ooze from one mundane slideshow day to the next,

Most do – and lacking money? – go! forced to abide by the fine print text…

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