Ticking Timebomb

life, interactions - they must be scripted,

feelings, emotions - they must be encrypted,

deviant desires, I am forced to juggle,

fantasies so close, to them I snuggle,

out of reach or ridiculously near, questions I ponder,

so many variables, depressed - through these eyes I wander,

unbelievable attraction, unbelievable decisions that I can't make,

uncontrollable inclinations, compounded - the second glances I have to retake,

time here so short, suffering from inaction - the unknown consequences - suffocating,

building to an undesirable climax, desperate for psychological relocating,

inside of me a unique world, clandestine and unfortunate- and in the name of order it will stay,

so regardless of what I choose, in the end it will be me - inevitably the one I will betray.

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