every negative emotion, i mask it well,

all my eggs together, and the basket fell,

a world so inhumane, yet the opposite humanely depicted,

love takes refuge in my heart, from everywhere else evicted,

eyes open, time passes, the world slowly consumes,

in the fetal position, surrounded by death, dying babies in dead mother's wombs,

the cruelty humbles,

the love language mumbles,

lost in translation, a difference in language doesn't matter,

the souls of what could have been, on ear drums a constant pitter patter,

blood thickened, blood heated, my heart a volcano swallowed by lava,

any natural calm disappeared, aliens of experience abducted my kava kava,

a lack of satisfaction, like the rolling stones were banned,

like stones rolling, pinning me to this love-barren land,

my life force forces me out of a life forcefully deprived of any non-friction,

any hope for survival teases me from outside of my jurisdiction,

no one cares, hate hits the bullseye, love is the way-off miss,

attention given, only to refute accurate claims of selfishness,

we walk on each other until smashed six feet underground,

over the years, disgust has replaced a sense of wonder never found.

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