I'm A Social Butterfly

I sit refreshing my email every 30 seconds and yet confidently anticipating nothing – email me? Nah, they’d rather do household chores,

No joke, even online I’m deserted - absorbing the presence of abandoned alleyways and empty corridors,

I walk at night, in unison with the cold chills that keep me warm, comforted only by inanimate objects powerless to be,

Yes, but in my head so many social situations with which I play, I’m Ken and over there her – my beloved Barbie,

Ahhh, but I’m always brought back to reality – and surely against my will,

And when depression runs low god is there – working, preparing for another refill,

Willingly toyed by every friend I’ve ever become vulnerable with - but it’s ok, I’m still here,

I’ll smile, leave you a message and although my eyes may water – you will never feel the satisfaction of seeing me shed a tear!

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