no one reads these except 'love my cub always,'

like life is what happens on the inside of empty hallways,

how we get to death, the life cycle, life stages,

on planet earth, domesticated animals condemned to cages,

cheering for us, everyone dreams for thousands of fans,

they immortalize us, exclude us from normal human life spans,

friends, medicine - finally nothing is cured,

the meaning behind all that has so quickly matured?

life's lessons, shave a few years off our existence,

each moment steals a moment away, regardless of our persistence,

depressing states of mind abundant, passageways constructed of these,

fear of what lies ahead, of this even the greatest religions can't appease,

sweet lovely, in my mind,

grave sites, with roses they are lined,

flowers to mask the scents,

everything wilts, nothing makes sense,

age, not knowing why,

all of this, upon poorly constructed organs we have no choice but to rely.

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