i'm extremely important, like crazed fans that flock to mob celebs,

i've so much hope for the future, like insects trapped in cobwebs,

i feel safe, like a dying boy suffering from deep, unsutured lacerations,

i'm impervious, like a schizophrenic's brain is to hallucinations,

everything by god's divine plan, repercussions televised daily on the news,

sustainability an alarm clock, together we proudly hit the button of snooze,

i'm tired,

somehow got through the day, don't know what the hell just transpired,

this isn't art, this is sickness mutated on top of paper,

feelings of impending doom, uneventfully inhaled like gasoline vapor,

the meaning of life, like asking what's beyond outer space,

this is it, nothing more - cling, for we only have each other to embrace...

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