Let Down

Alone, miles away from any bidirectional emotional connection,

Love, easy no – a painful, heart-ripping, psychological confection,

The thoughts I offer, beautifully bleak like pitch black ballrooms,

Read on, every word speaks devastatingly accurate volumes.

I paint pictures using the darkest shades of grey, cradled by a canvass of identical color,

Waste the seconds, be consumed by hopeless hope, smile – life only gets duller,

Harder, but money cures so much, lending the most consistent of helping hands,

Bitter because I’m dying alone, I realize it – you don’t – erect death stands,

The remedy, two as one, together – forever in this short sliver of time,

No, this is a dream – choke myself back to reality – down from such potential joy I climb,

In this world, where communication increases and connectivity decreases, I pray for luck,

But it too is biased, slanted, raising the high higher, keeping the trapped stuck.

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