Love Defined

hi, depression induced stupor,

ability to recover un-super,

common theme,

in the sunlight tears beam,

no different, tonight the same,

extinguished, no more flame,

smoldering ash,

stick a hand in my chest, rip out a heart, toss it in the trash,

don't care, that's a lie,

to find her, forever, my hardest i try,

talk to no one, my mouth taped,

to find something, the bottom of hell i've scraped,

by life, i'm berated

under simplified, overly complicated,

the nights kill me, i just sit,

head bowed, look lower, bottomless pit,

each emotion, bludgeoned and minced,

wonderful family, a friend, yet unconvinced,

craigslist creeper,

visible the grim reaper,


dreams, fleeting over-nighters,

computer screen in the a.m., computer screen in the p.m.,

saturday night rotting, might as well be phlegm,

masturbate, lube the pencil,

a loser, and i'm the stencil,

and i'm my own best friend, and i hate him,

radiated light, now every character trait dim,

multiple relationships, multiple fantasy lovers,

not seen, might as well be dead, stashed under the covers,


hi, im max, can i please date your daughter?

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