my friends.

on the outside, so together,

euphemisms, like i'm just a bit under the weather,

every day duplicate renditions,

same tricks, different magicians,

goddamn, because with its invisible ass i constantly bicker,

shit, might as well be conversing with an empty bottle of liquor,

hold it together for you, the ones most likely to never read this,

look at the situation, like - 'i fucking agreed to this?'

part of the victim role,

life hard? my interpretation of it harder,

to keep sanity, with myself must constantly barter,

blame god, makes sense and keeps my head straight,

ever notice what we do, so fast to fade and dissipate?

sick, sicker,

life's bandaids equivalent to a 'get well' sticker,

love: abused it, misused the word,

besides my family, it never really meant what they heard,

litter the pavement with false senses of hope,

ice skating backwards, blindfolded down a slippery slope,

i keep going, like sure, yeah, maybe i'll find her,

come and go so fast, you left an imprint - but only a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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