Kisses In The Sky, Kites On The Ground

went crazy today, lost it a bit, i wasn't the same,

broke that piece of shit phone, as if it were to blame,

broke that skateboard, shattered those plies of wood,

to smash what's really at fault - if only i could,

me - as if permanent skin alterations might change what i am,

feebly, i remain as is, treated as i always have been - goddamn,

the shoulder to ball my eyes out on - where?

so far away, out into the distance - for you i stare,

burn to cheat death? trying to convince myself i can outlast it,

burn to get your attention? yes, yet all look right past it,

those i desire the closest - farthest away,

these feelings, these messages - one continuously failed relay,

i love or loved you, or what everything once was,

the best, most insightful, explanation for this madness: "just because,"

tell yourself i'm fine despite my icy truthfulness - i've already cracked,

so open with my hurt - upon you, compounded by its inept impact.

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