Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

these words align with real time, the more i write the faster it passes,

boredom lurks with air particulates, entertainment opiates the masses,

opiates just functioned as a neologism, the best part of my writings,

the rest is bullshit, like hallucinogen induced UFO sightings,

15" rims on my kia rio, i'll pick you up with its 4-cylinder motor,

expert craigslist spam detector, suave illegal music downloader,

i just invented that word, because it's underlined in red,

life was a highway, past me relational possibilities sped,

beyond my computer monitor, people without faces shuffle on,

drugged up, held down by the grass-bladed front lawn,

atop sidewalks gliding, memories disregard traffic signs,

inundated with false hopes, nothingness and existence intertwines...

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