The Bee Sting

The memories…

Of you, a parallel universe inside my skull,

You’re not really there, empty – though the best memories never dull,

Sitting here, the lack of companionship stirs a muted panic,

But you’d never know, my hope for love – a sinking titanic,

Long to be in a movie – where true love exists even in gruesome good-bys,

I feel so alone, and with each day the weight of nothingness multiplies,

I mask what you deny – for I am not fulfilled, loved or healthy,

In happiness, a peasant – yet others convinced I must be wealthy,

It’s been a while since you’ve stared into my eyes, now they open only so wide,

Why can’t we ride into the Malibu sunset? And love triumphs! No – they lied,

Does it ever as we become disconnected, I cling to what we should be,

What could have been as it always can, I love you – and you – love me.

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