Time For Friends

All friends are like time - both always move on...

Social support system but a facade, all gone in months, weeks, days or hours,

Only a matter of time, I sit here waiting - my soul, the inevitable devours,

Feel close to no one, walk away - never once glancing over the shoulder,

Continue, dampened eyes shower my ego as both turn colder,

Sure life is a highway, watching the cars as they speed by here,

This is all I really have, on the sidelines soothed by my fear,

You don't comfort me and are not expected,

I rot on my own account and do not feel neglected,

I'm scared of what is happening to me, I envision life after I die,

No difference, no surprise, no one upon whom I could truly rely,

I've learned to anticipate letdowns, regardless - I remain tired,

Anyone with depleted realistic hope understands, selfishness ultimately hardwired,

Transpose this onto anyone, for this cookie cutter slices,

See friends for what they are, don't be alarmed for that is what the price is.

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