Sanitize It

rain frosting, sprinkle the days with jalapeno cupcakes,

through my window, boredom still beckons double takes,

serial killer, crunching each joyless bite of drowning cheerios,

game of life, new high scores hitting impressively dreary lows,

wheres a blah blah to validate my worth, excitement now closed,

oh blah blah, through enticing internet facades i've bulldozed,

like planet earth, thoughts need overwhelmingly necessary renovations,

long given up on here, from above laugh the stars and constellations,

life is wholly slanted, so common it tends not to be seen as unjust,

without exception from the moment of conception, no love, all lust,

alone, like disused satellites floating aimlessly in outer space,

life utterly worthless, empty distractions blanketing the reality of this place,

life a mobius strip, the starting point the ending point started yet ended,

god an empty distraction, nothingness a fate guaranteed and unamended...

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